About Us

In 1998 Cliff Gillies and Helen Haygarth, our founders, were members of a different theatre troupe. The company were in the last stages of rehearsal when the director decided to sack the entire cast and crew! The reasons were financial, but on the last day with the company the director complained that the current cast were, in his words, “too bloody friendly” to be actors.

The cast regrouped the following week to drown their sorrows but instead decided to form their own theatre company and so, in reverse homage to the previous director, the “Too Friendly” Theatre Company was born.

“I love theatre and I love amateur theatre even more. Amateur theatre has some of the most exciting and powerful actors I’ve seen and some of the most hardworking and inventive. Yet there seems to be an impression that amateur theatre is somehow second rate or less talented than professional theatre. This is simply not the case! It is this belief that is at the core of all that the Too Friendly Theatre Company is and does. We want to make excellent, funny, moving, exciting, passionate and professional theatre… whether we pay ourselves for it or not!” Cliff Gillies

The company has grown over the years and won multiple awards, plaudits, rave reviews and fans. Over the years it has diversified into other fields including writing and producing new works for the stage. Throughout the year the cast also write, produce and stage Murder Mystery evening for various venues.

At the Too Friendly we like to do things a little bit differently and have a motto which we like to live by:

When you do the common things in life in an uncommon way, you will command the attention of the whole world.


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